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Student Monitoring Sheets

Here you can find Monitoring Sheets for various elements of the CSED and to help student evaluation and monitoring to inform your feedback within school.

Prayer Table Monitoring

Around school there should be multiple opportunities for prayer displays and tables. Use the form below to ensure that they include the correct things and then use that to create actionable points and points of strength. By using these sheets on a regular basis, you are creating clear evidence for the following CSED subsections:

  • CLM 2.7
  • CLM 3.9
  • CLM 3.10

Catholic Life Monitoring

This sheet is to help monitor the Catholic Life of your school, particularly relating to the schools Identity, Charism and Mission. Getting students to complete these sheets at regular intervals throughout the year, or after something which particularly highlights the Charism of your school, means that you have a clear evidence set for something which traditionally is sometimes difficult to evidence on paper. They create clear evidence for the following CSED subsections:

  • CLM 1.1
  • CLM 2.1

Collective Worship Monitoring

The form below includes both a student and staff monitoring form. These can be used alongside the standard Celebration of the Word Evaluation forms. The purpose of these sheets is to allow you to clearly see action points that need taking as leaders, relating to section CW3 of the CSED. These can also be used to monitor the evaluation forms rather than a specific prayer session, to spot repeating patterns and actionable items. These sheets can be used as evidence for the following CSED areas:

  • CW 2.1
  • CW 2.4
  • CW 2.7
  • CW 3.8

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