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Catherine McAuley Hub Chaplaincy

Meet the Chaplains!

We are super lucky in our Hub to have 3 amazing Chaplains working with us. Whilst they aren’t all in every school every day, between them they cover all 5 schools every week. Their role includes helping to lead liturgical prayers, being around to support staff and students, running Chaplaincy Teams and so much more. They are super friendly and love to say hi, so make sure to welcome them with a smile whenever you see them!

Issie McElhone

Issie has been a Chaplain since 2019, and has been working in our Hub the whole time! She says that her favourite things are taking students on trips to The Briars, and getting to play her guitar and help young people experience faith through music. Issie’s words of wisdom when it comes to faith are: “If you do it with the right intentions and attitude it can’t be wrong! God just loves the fact that we are trying to be closer to Him.”

Kieran Bottoms

Kieran just recently joined our Hub as a Lay Chaplain after spending two years as an Apprentice Chaplain in the Thomas Aquinas Trust! Kieran’s favourite things about the job are getting to meet so many amazing students in our schools and watching them become more confident in leading liturgical prayers. Kieran’s favourite piece of scripture is Jeremiah 29:11 – “Only God knows what’s around the corner and it’s fun to discover what that might be!”

Beth Richards

Beth has joined our Hub this year as the new Apprentice Chaplain! She spent the last year working at The Briars Catholic Youth Retreat Centre, and is ready to put those skills to work in Chaplaincy. Beth’s favourite things about the job are meeting new people and teaching others to pray through music. Beth’s life motto is “Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be. There’s no point getting too stressed in life because Forest already made it to Wembley!”

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